Norm Thompson Divisions Enhanced

The individual Norm Thompson, Solutions, Sahalie and Gold Violin lists are enhanced with a number of comprehensive enhancement packages to give mailers the flexibility and options they need to zero in on their exact target audience:  Infogroup enhanced demographic and lifestyle data; Genesis demographic, RFM and product data; Marketing Genetics transactional purchase data; and Infogroup TargetReady Model selections are available.


Combine transactional data including dollar, recency, multibuyers and product categories from the core file, with demographic and lifestyle information through an Infogroup enhancement package—updated monthly and multi-sourced for accuracy, deliverability and maximum response.
Demographics include: New Movers, Homeowners, Household Income, Home Value, Adult Age, Child Age and Gender, Ethnic Data, Religious Data, and Marital Status.
Consumer lifestyle selections include: Pet Owners, Donors, Cooking, Travel, Golf, Gardening, Crafts, Health, Home Decorating, Gift Givers, Subscription Buyers, High Tech, Personal Finance and hundreds more.

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Norm Thompson is a participant in the Genesis database, making Genesis demographic, RFM and product enhanced segments available to Genesis participants and Genesis synergy selections to non-participants.

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Marketing Genetics enhancements allow marketers to accurately target high response consumers based on their recent purchase behavior. Data elements are derived from a rich prospecting repository of pooled 2-year purchasing histories from hundreds of catalog marketers with more than 1 billion individual buying transactions. Marketers can select from true transactional data including RFM, Sales Channel and Product Category combined with Age, Income, Presence of Children, and Lifestyle data. Product Categories include Apparel, Shoes, Automotive, Garage, Tools, Books, Music & Video, Children's, Crafts, Electronics & Gadgets, Food & Wine, Gardening, Gift Merchandise, Health & Beauty, Home Décor, Home Office, Housewares/Furnishings, Interests & Hobbies, Jewelry, Pets, Professional, Religious, Sports & Outdoor.

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View Gold Violin Marketing Genetics Enhanced Data Card
View Norm Thompson Corporate Masterfile Marketing Genetics Enhanced Data Card


TargetReady Models utilize a full array of Infogroup data with every possible variable to capture demographic, lifestyle and census data with specific categories selected based on consumer behavior and attitudes. Cook for Fun, Country Club Member, Diet Product, Foreign Travel Vacation, Physical Fitness Club, Garden Maintenance, Wine Lover, and Outdoor Activities are among the many modeled selections available.

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