Modeling is available on the Norm Thompson Corporate Masterfile of buyers from all the Norm Thompson catalogs including Solutions, Sahalie, Norm Thompson and Gold Violin.

The following types of models are available:
- Good Customer Match
- Response/Pseudo Regression
- Mailed Regression

1.8 Million

$115 Base Price + $25/M Score Fee

A 25,000 name commitment is required on Profile Models.
A 50,000 name commitment is required on Response Models.
Models are built within 4-6 weeks.

For more information, contact Lynn Wallis 402-836-5602.


Wiland Direct Members can apply their models to the Norm Thompson Corporate Masterfile or the individual titles (Norm Thompson, Solutions, Sahalie and Gold Violin) to connect with their ideal customer type for the highest rate of response. This opportunity is open to any participant in the Wiland Direct database.

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